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Tom Klein, Secretary-Treasurer
  c/o Executive Club of Lincoln
  134 South 13th Street, Suite 100
  Lincoln, NE 68508
  (402) 323-5273


12 GOOD Reasons to Become a Member:


These are just a few good reasons to give your Boss, your wife or your staff for becoming a member of the Executive Club of Lincoln

  1. Dues include all meals 
  2. Dues include parking
  3. Dues include Speaker
  4. Meeting, Lunch and Speaker only last an hour
  5. Great programs featuring speakers from Lincoln, the University of Nebraska and across the State 
  6. No attendance requirements - come when you can
  7. Meet weekly and form new associations and friendships with many of Lincoln's business and professional leaders 
  8. No money making projects 
  9. NO FINES, AND NO SINGING AT MEETINGS! (except for an occasional Birthday) 
  10. Clear, Concise Club Mission Statement
  11. Support for Midget Football, Salvation Army, Boys State, High School Basketball and many other worthy causes 
  12. Annual All City High School Basketball Honor Luncheon

All this, plus Social Activities including our Annual Ladies Day Celebration (with entertainment), Christmas Party (with gifts) an evening at a Salt Dogs baseball game, and  much more... 


What it Costs

The Club meets an average of 45 times a year. At the regular Nebraska Club cost of $15.00 per meal and $2.50 for parking, that totals nearly $800.00, but read on...

There is no cost or obligation to apply for Membership in the Executive Club of Lincoln. If you are accepted for Membership, dues are only  $550.00 for a full year, which includes all of the above and a lot more. Quarterly or Semi-Annual terms are also an option as well as a special Absentee Membership (this can be helpful if you travel extensively or winter elsewhere, and are not able to attend the full meeting schedule). 

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