Home From the War!

After World War II, many returning veterans in Lincoln, including those who had just completed their college degrees, were anxious to begin their careers and to get involved in the Lincoln community. They wanted to get acquainted with others and become active in business and the professions. 

In a effort to meet some of their goals, they formed a local chapter of the National Exchange Club. The first President was Dr. Lavern Pfiefer who was elected in 1953. The new club grew quickly and soon there were more than 200 members.


A Problem Develops...

After several years, Members became concerned about the amount of money they were required to send to the National Exchange Club each year. 

They wanted to use those funds for the betterment of the Lincoln Community, rather than have Club money controlled by a national organization somewhere back East!  


The Problem is Solved!

Burton W. Folsom was a leader in the movement to form a new local club. Members of the Omaha Chapter of the National Exchange Club opposed the move, saying that a new local club would never be successful. 

However, Members of the Lincoln Chapter were committed. They elected Folsom the first President in 1957, and the Executive Club of Lincoln was formed. And, more than 60 years later, the Executive Club of Lincoln is still going strong.